Fire Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training


A course designed to meet requirements under the Fire Reform Order October 2006.


Three hours

To enable the student, by completion of the course, to demonstrate knowledge of fire safety awareness and how to extinguish different classifications of fire with the appropriate extinguishers.


By completion of the course the student will be able to demonstrate:
    • Knowledge of the chemistry and theory of combustion Knowledge of the classification of fires
    • Knowledge of heat & fire spread
    • Knowledge of types and correct use of extinguishers and extinguishing mediums.
    • Assessing fire risks, spotting and reporting hazards
    • Knowledge of the correct procedures in the event of fire
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Practical use of Extinguishers


By LAW you are compelled to have competent Fire Warden/Marshals in your building/offices. Penalties and consequences for non-compliance include Criminal Prosecution, Prison, Fines, Refusal of Insurance Companies to pay Claims, Business Collapse, Lack of Defence to Civil Actions and the Endangering of the lives of your staff.

DURATION Five hours

All types of businesses can benefit from our essential fire training – offices, shops, railway premises, factories, construction sites, industrial facilities, hotels, nursing and residential care homes, schools, hospitals, etc.

On completion of the course the Fire Marshal will be competent in the following:
  • Responsibilities of the Fire Warden/Marshal
  • Building Construction, Relevant Law, Built-in fire protection within buildings
  • Introduction to the new Fire Reform Act
  • Actions on hearing a Fire Alarm
  • Evacuation procedures including Fire muster points and roll calls
  • Fire Safety Checks, Reasons for Combustion
  • Types of Fire (Classification of Fire)
  • Fire Spread
  • Arson Prevention
  • Human Behaviour
  • Safety Signs
  • Fire Extinguishers (correct type, ENS3 Regulations)
  • Limitations and Capabilities of Extinguishing media
  • Your own company procedures can be built into the course.
  • Practical use of Fire Extinguishers.